Women at work is the future of work

04 Jun 2018

The 107th session on of the International Labour Organization kicked off last week at Palais des Nations and is now in full swing with some important and timely issues on violence against men and women in the world of work. Sweden welcomes the report of the Director General and highlights the issue of gender equality in ILO’s work in general – in particular the Women at Work Centenary Initiative.

State Secretary Irene Wennemo emphasised the need for new and innovative approaches to fight gender inequality at work: “I want to be clear. Men’s harassment and violence against women is one of the ultimate expressions of inequality. Preventing and combating violence, and other abuse against women and girls, is a top priority for Sweden, and must continue to be high on the UN’s agenda.”

Read the full statement here.

Last updated 19 Jun 2018, 3.46 PM