Minister for Health and Social Affairs co-hosts high-level breakfast on Antimicrobial resistance

20 May 2019

The 20th May, on the day of the opening of the World Health Assembly, Sweden hosted a High-Level Breakfast on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) together with the UK. It is the fifth time that the approximately 18 ministers and representatives meet to discuss AMR-related topics.

At the WHA in 2015, Sweden launched the Ministerial Alliance of Champions against Antimicrobial Resistance, to facilitate the adoption of the global action plan on AMR and the High Level Meeting in New York in 2016. AMR is a longstanding priority for Sweden. Resistant bacteria is a growing global problem that knows no boarders and therefore a global response is needed.

Now there is an unpreceded window of opportunity to walk the talk stepping up global commitment to curb the AMR crisis, stated Minister Lena Hallengren. The UN mandated expert group on AMR just launched its report “No Time To Waste”.  All countries must engage actively at home and on the global arena to keep up the global momentum created by this important report.

Download the study here.

Last updated 20 May 2019, 9.51 PM