Forum on inclusive trade for least developed countries

20 Jun 2018

"EIF has has a strong role to play together with others. Women have been confined to the informal economy for too long", Swedish WTO-Ambassador Daniel Blockert stated wrapping up the EIF Global Forum. "The time is now to act to push for inclusive trade", he highlighted.

The two-day long Forum on inclusive trade for least developed countries (LDCs) took place at WTO, and is the first event exclusively dedicated to achieving inclusive trade in the world's poorest nations. Bringing together a diverse range of people from a vice president to a princess to a CEO to a farm manager, the event hosted sessions on three themes: multilateral and regional trade, inclusive trade and economic growth, and global agricultural value chains.

Representatives from four LDCs from different parts of the African continent came together for the first time to lead a call for targeted trade action. The Call to Action affirms the role of trade as an engine for sustainable growth, reinforces the importance of the multilateral trading system and commits to inclusive trade policies. 

Find the Call to Action here.

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Last updated 20 Jun 2018, 10.58 AM