Ahead of Aid for Trade: ITC Executive Director Arancha González on how Sweden’s flexible funding makes a difference

27 Jun 2019

‘Good trade’ is the goal at the International Trade Centre (ITC). Good trade creates decent jobs, higher incomes and more opportunities, in a way that protects people and planet. Together, ITC and Sweden empower poorer, smaller, oftentimes fragile and post-conflict countries. Through Sweden’s flexible, unearmarked funding, ITC can be nimble in responding to the changing needs of clients, especially those who need it most: women, young people and vulnerable populations.

Whether it’s empowering women entrepreneurs through the SheTrades initiative, training young people with job-ready skills, building the resilience of refugees through trade, supporting the green economy, or developing and improving online market intelligence tools, ITC and Sweden are together making ‘good trade’ a reality.

Hear more from ITC Executive Director Arancha González.


With special thanks and credits to ITC.


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