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Sweden's application for NATO membership

19 Jul 2022

On 16 May, the Swedish Government decided that Sweden will apply for NATO membership. This historic decision was based on a security analysis that the Government invited the other parties in Parliament to take part in and its conclusions that were presented in a report on 13 May. The Government’s assessment is that NATO membership is the best way to protect Sweden’s security in light of the fundamentally changed security environment following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On 18 May, Sweden and Finland simultaneously handed in their official letters of application to join NATO. At the NATO Summit in Madrid on 28 June, Sweden, Finland and Türkiye signed a trilateral memorandum, which is now under implementation. On 5 July, all NATO member states signed the Accession Protocols both for Sweden and Finland. The signing means that all NATO countries can proceed to ratify the Protocol.

As a member of NATO, Sweden will be fully committed to NATO’s counterterrorism policy and take active part of these efforts. As a close partner to NATO, Sweden is already participating in a number of NATO’s counterterrorism-related technical working groups and is also very active in international counterterrorism efforts to which NATO is also engaged, such as the UN, the Global Coalition to defeat Daesh, and the OSCE.

Sweden is unequivocally committed to the fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Sweden has never given any support, material or financial, to terrorist organizations like the PKK.

Incorrect information has been circulating regarding alleged exports from Sweden of anti-tank weapons to non-governmental military groups in Syria. Sweden has not exported anti-tank weapons nor any other military equipment to such groups.

Incorrect information has also been circulating regarding alleged Swedish financial support to political and military structures in northeastern Syria. Sweden does not give any financial or military support to these structures.

Sweden has a regional strategy for the Syria crisis, the purpose of which is to support the Syrian population all over the country, the Syrian refugees, and their host communities in neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon. The support for the entire 7-year period 2016-2023 corresponds to approximately 376 million USD. The funds are aimed at creating sustainable living conditions in areas such as water and sanitation, livelihood, education, rehabilitation of disabled people and support to free media and civil society. No Swedish funds go to political or military structures in northeastern Syria.

Please see link to the above text in Turkish: İsveç’in NATO üyeliğine başvurması - Sweden Abroad

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