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Embassy of SwedenBern, Switzerland

Local time 11:17 PM

Christian Kjellvander in Winterthur + Aarau (10 + 11 March)

10 Mar 2022

His latest album, recorded in a basement studio in Stockholm during the lockdown, is a emotionally charged record: Sounds that range from almost-silence to unbridled expressive, widescreen hugeness - created mostly live by a minimal three-piece line-up with Per Nordmark (Fireside, Kristofer Åström) on drums, Pelle Anderson on a Fender Rhodes and Christian Kjellvander on vocals, guitars and whatever came to hand.

Soon to be seen live in Switzerland:

10 March: Gaswerk, Winterthur (with Pierre Omer & The Nightcruisers)
11 March: KIFF, Aarau


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