Event calendar

  • Run Uje Run
    Run Uje Run (photo: zvg)
    24 Oct 2021
    A touching film about how life takes turns you couldn’t fantasize about when you get a disease diagnosis. About what you have to catch up with before you die. And what you don’t have to do. And about the very ordinary, dreary, gray but also lovely everyday.
  • Catwalk
    Catwalk (photo: Charlie Bennet)
    11 Oct 2021
    Emma wants to become a fashion model and asks Pär Johansson, founder of the Glada Hudik-theatre, for help. An unattainable dream for most, especially if you have a disability. Together with a group of unusual models they begin a bewildering journey. (Film shown in Swedish with German subtitles.)
  • Professor Hans-Rudolf Ott
    Professor Hans-Rudolf Ott next to a photo of Mileva Maric and Albert Einstein in the Einsteinhaus. Photo: Sofia Karlberg
    05 Oct 2021
    In 1922 Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize of Physics for the year 1921. In a letter to the Nobel Committee after being informed about the prize Albert Einstein wrote: “I am very glad to have received the Nobel Prize – also because there is no longer any reason for people to ask me the accusing question: Why don’t you get the Nobel Prize?”. Was the prize important to Albert Einstein and if so, why?