• In Love With Switzerland
    In Love With Switzerland (photo: zvg)
    26 Mar 2022
    Swedish artist Marianne Bergengren and artist and gallery owner Bennt Bengtsson are showing their work at the farmhouse/ studio of Swiss sculptor Christian Bolt in Klosters. Opening speaker is the art historian and ethnologist Gabriela Blumer Kamp (Kunsthaus Zürich and Museum Rietberg).
  • Mygration
    "Mygration" (photo: zvg)
    11 Mar 2022
    The work of Sámi artist Tomas Colbengtson and Swedish artist Stina Folkebrant explores issues of migration, herd mentality, time, and forgotten past. For the Mygration exhibition, Colbengtson selected and printed archival photos of Sámi immigrants to Alaska in the 1890s, which are paired with Folkebrant’s large-scale paintings of the eight seasons of the mountain world, illustrating the Sámi concept of time and the life of the reindeer.
  • Christian Kjellvander
    Christian Kjellvander (photo: Simon Fessler)
    10 Mar 2022
    His latest album, recorded in a basement studio in Stockholm during the lockdown, is a emotionally charged record: Sounds that range from almost-silence to unbridled expressive, widescreen hugeness - created mostly live by a minimal three-piece line-up with Per Nordmark (Fireside, Kristofer Åström) on drums, Pelle Anderson on a Fender Rhodes and Christian Kjellvander on vocals, guitars and whatever came to hand.