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Embassy of SwedenBern, Switzerland

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  • Kornél Kovács
    Kornél Kovács (photo: zvg)
    10 Sep 2022
    At the age of 14 the Hungarian-Swedish DJ, producer and label manager Kornél Kovács was already mixing in the clubs of Stockholm before founding his label Studio Barnhus and enjoying a string of successes a few years later. On a personal level, he developed a taste for party music and his debut album The Bells, released in 2016, quickly gained recognition on the electronic music scene.
  • Rapa Valley in Sarek
    Rapa Valley in Sarek (photo: Fredrik Schlyter/
    19 Jun 2022
    More than 70 students from the Liechtenstein and Werdenberg music schools will play and sing songs and dances from the Scandinavian countries.
  • Wendy McNeill (photo: Detlef Kinsler)
    Wendy McNeill (photo: Detlef Kinsler)
    13 May 2022
    The Swedish-Canadian singer-songwriter, guitar- and accordion player Wendy McNeill returns to Switzerland for shows in Stans, Bern and Zürich. Originally from the Prairies of Canada, her songs retain her love of wide-open space and the longing that such big skies can generate. Wendy is a fan of underdogs, strange cats and brave hearts and brings these characters to life in wonderful dream-like folk tales and spooky, cabaret-style parables.