Renewed bilateral development cooperation between Sweden and Macedonia

12 Mar 2018

The Director-General of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, Carin Jämtin visited Skopje on 12 March to sign an agreement with Macedonia’s Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Bujar Osmani, on renewed bilateral development cooperation for 2018-2020. The decision follows the Macedonian government’s efforts to intensify the work on implementing the necessary reforms for EU accession.

With an annual budget of about 3 million Euros, the development cooperation will support projects for enhanced economic integration with the EU, strengthened democracy, greater respect for human rights and rule of law, as well as enhanced resilience to environmental impact and climate change.

Director-General Jämtin stated : “We see EU integration as the key process to produce conditions that in the medium to long term sustainably can improve the living conditions of all inhabitants of Macedonia. There are challenges ahead and we stand ready to assist Macedonia in addressing these challenges by means of the upcoming development cooperation. We are truly looking forward to our reinforced cooperation in the coming period.”

Last updated 13 Mar 2018, 4.31 PM