Business Climate Survey

Each year, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, Business Sweden and the Embassy survey how the Swedish affiliated companies assess the business climate in the Netherlands. This is part of a global survey.

Findings Business Climate Survey 2024, the Netherlands:

The political ties between Sweden and the Netherlands remain robust, the like-mindedness between the countries in the EU is striking. The Netherlands solidified its position as Sweden's seventh-largest trading partner in 2023, with exports of goods exceeding 115 billion SEK. A Team Sweden study estimates that approximately 200 Swedish subsidiaries operate in the Netherlands today, directly employing over 735,000 individuals and generating a combined turnover exceeding 350 billion EUR (this figure only considers fully-owned subsidiaries, suggesting an even deeper and more extensive business relationship between Sweden and the Netherlands). 

Launched in 2020 as a global initiative by Team Sweden, the Business Climate Survey serves as an important tool providing insights from Swedish companies on the business environment across 24 markets globally. Based on responses from Swedish enterprises who have established their presence on the local market, the survey maps opportunities and challenges experienced by Swedish companies.

Swedish companies in the Dutch market have shown resilience. Despite a slight decline in profitability and increase in losses since 2022, their financial performance in the Netherlands shows stabilisation in 2024. This indicates an increased ability to navigate economic, political, and practical challenges. Our 2024 survey found a majority of  respondents reporting profitability, with a small portion experiencing losses or breaking even.

For three consecutive years, the data has painted a consistent picture: Swedish companies remain relatively optimistic about turnover in their respective sectors. Over 70 per cent of respondents have consistently forecasted an increase in turnover, while expectations of unchanged or decreased turnover remain in the minority. However, a slight shift towards pessimism is indicated by a small increase in respondents expecting industry turnover to decrease, reaching 12 per cent in 2024.

Link to download the Business Climate Survey 2024 the Netherlands

Four Insights from the Global Business Climate Survey 2024

  • Demand for goods and services has gradually weakened over the past year, and the global economy is slowing down.
  • Germany and China, traditionally two regional economic engines, have slowed down, and there are questions about the American economy.
  • Last year’s high inflation figures have had negative effects on households’ real incomes, consumption, and demand.
  • High interest rates are pressuring households, delaying corporate investments, and slowing the world economy.

“A major strength of Sweden and the Swedish brand is the companies’ ability to innovate, adapt, and be creative. Swedish companies are sustainable and resilient, which means we stand strong in a new trade climate. Our brands, products, and services are in good hands. There are challenges, but the opportunities are even greater, indicating a bright future,” said Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, Chairman of Swedish Chambers International (SCI) and CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

At the launch of the Global Business Climate Survey 2024, participants included Håkan Jevrell, State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Trade Johan Forssell, Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden, and Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, Chairman of Swedish Chambers International (SCI) and CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

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Link to download the Global Business Climate Survey 2024

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