Embassy Staff

Staff at the Embassy of Sweden in The Hague:

Diplomatic Staff

Johannes Oljelund | Ambassador

Anders Karlsland | Minister Counsellor, Political Affairs and EU Affairs

Louise Bonbeck | Counsellor, EU Affairs and Trade Promotion

Dominika Brott | First Secretary, Legal and Multilateral Affairs

Marie Edström | First Secretary, Head of Administration and Consular Affairs

Antoon Hertogs | Defence Attaché 

Tomas Korseman | Trade Commissioner (Business Sweden)

Locally Employed Staff

Sandy de Heer | Secretary to the Ambassador

Mehrnosh Rezaeian | Consular Officer 

Hanna Pettersson Berggren| Receptionist and Consular Assistant

Helen Aronsson | Assistant to the Defence Attaché

Petra Zachrisson Beets | Officer Communication, Culture and Sweden Promotion 

Tytte Zakrisson van Woerden | Accountant

Ron van Hamersveld | Caretaker

Ferry Semati | Driver

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