About the Embassy

The Swedish Embassy in The Hague represents Sweden in the Netherlands since 1614, when the first Swedish ambassador was appointed. The Embassy, which was established in 1614, was the first Swedish Embassy abroad. The role of the Embassy is to monitor, represent and promote Swedish interests in the Netherlands and within the international organizations in The Hague such as the OPCW, ICC and ICJ. We also provide services to Swedish authorities, companies, organizations and individual citizens.

Reports are sent regularly to the Ministry in Stockholm on political and economic developments in the Netherlands and the country's view on international issues.

A priority for the Embassy is to promote Swedish economic interests by providing services to Swedish companies and encourage foreign investment in Sweden. In this field, the Embassy works in close cooperation with Business Sweden in The Hague.

Consular Affairs and services for Swedish citizens are also important parts of the work at the Embassy.

To provide information about Sweden is also a part of the Embassy tasks. This is done for example through seminars, exhibitions and cultural events.

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