Clearance sale

07 Apr 2021

The Embassy will sell furniture and fixtures. The general public is welcome to bid for items.

The Embassy will hold a sale of furniture and other fixtures, e.g. sofas, meeting room chairs but also freezers. Please see a list of items below. 

Items will also be displayed on Tuesday 13 April, between 12:00 to 16:00 at the Embassy Compound. Bidders must place their highest bid, on site, no later then Tuesday, 16:00 

The Embassy will sell to the person who submitted the highest bid. The winner of the bidding will be contacted on Wednesday and Thursday. Payment (in cash) and collection of won items must be made on Friday 16 March between 09:00-13.30. 

The Embassy is located at LCL Compound, 12th Street Oceanfront, Sinkor. Please wear a face mask at all time, cars must be parked outside the compound.

Last updated 07 Apr 2021, 3.45 PM