Information about the handling of visa and migration issues during Covid-19

20 Apr 2022

This page accounts for the operations of the Embassy's Migration Section and services in migration related issues during covid-19.

Since February 2022 the Embassy has resumed to handle applications for Schengen visas. To prevent the spread of covid-19, and protect our visitors as well as our staff, only a limited number of applications per day are processed. Available time slots have been released on Wednesdays. The Embassy has noticed a high demand for these time slots.

Due to the stabilized covid-19 situation in Iran the Embassy will open available time slots for a longer period. During 20-28 April, time slots throughout the months of June and July will be made available. To apply for a Schengen visa, you need to register your visa application online, pay the applicable fees and book an appointment at the same time. To register your application, please click here.

Please note those who apply online, e.g. to visit relatives in Sweden, should pay the application fee when registering their application at the Swedish Migration Agency’s webpage. All visitors are required to follow the Embassy’s safety guidelines in regard to covid-19.

In some exceptional and urgent cases, it might be possible to get an appointment directly from the Embassy and hand in a paper application for an emergency visa. An emergency visa are valid for maximum 15 days. Emergency trips only include travel to take part in a funeral of a close relative, or to visit a close relative who is receiving palliative care near the end of his/her life. Parents, children, and siblings are considered as close relatives. Requests to submit an emergency visa application should be sent by e-mail to with documents showing why it is urgent and a copy of your passport.

It is required to book an appointment for all visits to the Embassy including interviews, biometrics, collection of decision and/or UT-cards. To book an appointment with the Migration section, please click here. The Migration Section can also be contacted by e-mail:

Important notice:
The Embassy does not cooperate with any external companies or agents. No external company or agent represents the Embassy, or acts on the Embassy’s behalf. Embassy staff outside the Embassy always wear jackets or vests marked Embassy of Sweden for easy recognition. The Embassy does not charge any fee for booking of appointments. The only fees charged is when filing applications for visa, passport or any other service in accordance with the Swedish Fees Ordinance. Fees are always paid online or at a bank. For information on applications and fees see: Fees - Sweden Abroad

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