Welcome to the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta

Around 20 people work at the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta, four of whom are sent out from Sweden. Sweden's ambassador to Indonesia is also accredited to East Timor and ASEAN.

The Embassy's main task is to develop and deepen the relationship between both Sweden and Indonesia and between Sweden and East Timor. Monitoring and cooperation with ASEAN is another important task for the embassy. Sweden has had diplomatic relations with Indonesia since 1950 and with East Timor since 2002

The Embassy works actively to promote Sweden and Swedish companies in Indonesia. As part of the trade promotion, we have a close cooperation with Business Sweden and we are constantly working to increase Swedish exports and imports of goods. The Embassy also has the task of spreading information about Sweden, facilitating student and cultural change and promoting Swedish values. This includes human rights with focus on HBTQ rights, environment and sustainable development as well as gender equality.

Another central task of the embassy is to follow, analyze and report on economic and political developments in Indonesia and East Timor, as well as the regional development and work in ASEAN.

Indonesia is a rapidly growing tourist destination for Swedes and the Embassy has an important consular role in assisting distressed Swedes in Indonesia with advice and support. If you are in Bali, you can also visit Sweden's Honorary Consulate in Sanur, Bali, for help.

Last updated 09 Aug 2018, 10.41 AM