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Embassy of SwedenJakarta, Indonesia

Local time 2:00 PM

Welcome to the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta

At the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta there are 17 people, of which four are sent out from Sweden. Sweden's Ambassador to Indonesia is also accredited to East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and ASEAN.

The Embassy's task is to focus on Swedish interests and to strengthen relations between Sweden and Indonesia, to maintain the good relations between Sweden and East Timor, as well as between Sweden and Papua New Guinea. To monitor and cooperate with ASEAN is another important task for the Embassy.

One of the Embassy's main tasks is to focus on Swedish economic interests by promoting both Swedish companies, trade, and investments in Indonesia. Within the framework of export and investment promotion and increased trade, there is a close collaboration between the Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden, which is represented in the country. Export and business promotion is conducted with a clear focus on sustainability and green transition. The Embassy and Business Sweden, Team Sweden, together with Indonesia, have established a special partnership to reach the sustainable development goals. Based on Swedish comparative advantages and the demand in Indonesia, special business initiatives are being rolled out to increase Swedish investments in the energy, transport, industry, and health sectors.

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The Embassy upholds a dialogue with Indonesia on the importance of close cooperation on global challenges such as climate change, access to energy, food security, the importance of equality and democracy. Together with Indonesia, Sweden works to secure a rules-based international order, incl. international law.

Indonesia is a priority country for Sweden and the security policy dialogue is important in the bilateral relationship.

The embassy also conducts active communication and dissemination of information about Sweden as a tourist destination and destination for university studies.

Indonesia is a rapidly growing tourist destination for Swedes and the embassy has an important consular task in assisting Swedes in need in Indonesia with advice and support. If in need and you are in Bali, you can turn to the Honorary Consulate of Sweden in Sanur for help. If you are in East Timor, there is an honorary consulate in Dili, and in Papua New Guinea, you can contact the Swedish Honorary Consulate in Port Moresby if in need.

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