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Sweden & Indonesia

Sweden-Indonesia Sustainability Partnership

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing export markets in Southeast Asia, has a population close to 280 million and shows great potential for a green transition. This makes the country well positioned as a key partner to Sweden for both business expansion and green transition.

The Sweden-Indonesia Sustainability Partnership (SISP) is a platform to drive government collaboration and business partnerships towards the Sustainable Development Goals. With the joint efforts of Team Sweden, the SISP partnership will contribute to the green transition, innovative solutions, digital development, and improved healthcare, thus creating new employment opportunities in modern sectors. With a G2G agreement of collaboration between companies and government agencies, Sweden is committed to bring technical solutions, expertise, and investments to Indonesia in support of Agenda 2030 and with the goal of winning new business opportunities for Swedish companies. Both countries have committed to ambitious climate goals. Therefore, green and sustainable solutions on energy, transport, digitalisation/Industry 4.0 and healthcare have been identified as areas of collaboration within the SISP framework. The four focus areas within SISP are based on careful market analysis, commercial interests, identified sustainability needs, and the Swedish resource base.

Areas for collaboration and business partnerships

Partnerships are created by bringing together academia, government, and the private sector to ensure long term sustainable solutions.


To successfully achieve a green transition the need for clean energy sources is crucial. SISP partners are collaborating to reach Indonesia’s net-zero targets by implementing renewable energy production, improving energy efficiency, and developing smart grid technology.


With improved public transportation emissions are reduced and people can move more freely, hence increasing the quality of life. SISP partners will work together to realize electric public transportation systems and to develop and strengthen green infrastructure.

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

By drawing upon Swedish competence and know-how of green industries, the SISP partners will focus on digitalizing industries to enhance effectiveness, increase competitiveness, and decrease emissions.


With the aim to provide high quality and safe healthcare, SISP partners will explore how Swedish expertise and technical innovations can support Indonesia’s plans for new and modernized hospitals.

Last updated 24 Jul 2023, 2.28 PM