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Consulate-GeneralHong Kong,

Local time 6:33 AM

Information for travellers during winter holidays

28 Nov 2023

With the winter holidays a popular time for travelling, the Consulate-General would like to issue a reminder that many countries near Hong Kong do not accept incoming travellers whose passports expire within six months. Therefore we ask you to check your passport’s validity.

If you are a Swedish citizen in Hong Kong or Macau, you may schedule a time for passport renewal through our website.

The Consulate would also like to remind all Swedes to download the app UD Resklar before your travels. The app provides important information, and you can also choose to get push notices regarding your travel destination. Please also make sure that you have a valid travel insurance to avoid significant expenses in the event of unforseen circumstances.

Last updated 28 Nov 2023, 10.01 AM