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Schengen visas 

If you hold a UK Travel Document, you will need a Schengen visa to travel to Sweden. 

The Embassy of Sweden in London no longer handles any Schengen visas. We cannot receive applications or emails for the Swedish Migration Agency. Furthermore, the Embassy will not reply to any inquiries relating to Schengen visa applications in general or regarding ongoing visa applications or previous ones.

Inquiries about Schengen visas should be addressed to our external Service provider, VFS Global.

You are advised to apply by using VFS Global´s online portal, where you can also book appointments for biometrics if needed, or arrange to send your passport to VFS application centres in London or Edinburgh. Applications are transmitted electronically from VFS to the Migration Agency in Sweden, while your passport will be sent by courier. Once a decision has been taken by the Swedish Migration Agency, your passport and the decision will be sent back to the VFS centres in London or Edinburgh, where you can collect them.

You need to submit your application in good time before travelling. Your application and passport should reach the Swedish Migration Agency not less than 15 days before your planned visit begins, according to article 9 section 1 in the visa code EU/ 2019/1155.

You will need to take the time it takes to transport your passport into consideration when deciding how far in advance to apply.

The normal transportation time for the passport to be sent one way (return time is the same) to the Migration Agency is:

  • 2 days from VFS' application center in London and
  • 3 days from Edinburgh.

It is crucial that your application fullfills the requirements before the online process has been finalized. Please read all clarifying information on VFS Global's website Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal before applying.

The normal handling time for a Schengen visa at the Swedish Migration Agency is around 15 days (counted from when the Swedish Migration Agency has received the application and the passport). If an application is not complete or if an interview or document verification is needed, the handling time can be extended up to 45 days.

Be wary of other agents selling services. Please note that VFS Global is the only authorized external service provider collaborating with the Swedish authorities on applications for visas to Schengen. 

For more information or clarification please visit VFS Global´s website.

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