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UPDATED WARNING: Warning concerning fake homepages and agents booking appointments for family reunification cases

The Embassy of Sweden in Ankara and The Consulate General in Istanbul have been informed that there are individuals falsely representing the Swedish Migration Agency or the Embassy/Consulate General in Turkey. These agents are claiming that it is possible e.g. through payment, to obtain an earlier appointment for an interview at the Embassy/Consulate General or that the applicants needs to pay an additional fee for booking an interview at the Embassy/Consulate General - sometimes even using official letterheads and pretending to be officials. Please note that the Swedish Embassies and Consulates General have nothing to do with any individuals who offer services for payment. All appointments for interviews for family reunification are free of charge and made through e-mail for the Embassy in Ankara and through the website for Consulate General in Istanbul. The e-mail address to book an appointment at the Embassy of Sweden in Ankara is:  Please contact the Embassy/Consulate General if you have any information that people are falsely representing Swedish authorities or if you suspect that somebody is trying to sell you services for additional charges (,