Sweden & Serbia

Unmarried couples

If you are not married, you will need:

  • The documents required for all applicants (see the page Required documents)
  • National registration certificate or other document proving that you are not married
  • If possible: the national registration certificate, a joint rental contract, or a proof of a joint real estate purchase, or other documents that show that you lived together (for people who lived in another country than Sweden)
  • If it concerns you: the judgement of divorce, verified with apostille at the municipal court, and translated to Swedish or English by the official interpreter
  • If it concerns you: the international death certificate for your deceased former spouse
  • Although it is not required, we recommend you to attach even the evidence that you have maintained regular contact with your partner and/or that you have met in person. This means that you can attach mutual photos from different periods, screenshots of your internet correspondence, phone records, airline tickets, etc. These documents should be submitted in PDF or JPG format to your application. Alternatively, you can bring the photos in paper form to your interview at the Embassy, or show the conversations in your cell phone.
Last updated 21 Aug 2023, 10.55 AM