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You pay a fee for your visitors permit application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Adults: 10800 roubles (SEK 1500)

Children under 18: 5400 roubles (SEK 750)

Excep­tions from fees for visi­tor's permits

Not everyone who applies has to pay a fee. The exceptions are

  • family members of EU/EEA citizens. Swedish nationals are not included in the group "EU citizens" in this context
  • EU/EEA citizens applying for residence permits
  • Swiss citizens and their family members
  • Japanese citizens
  • Visitors in Sweden who are unable to travel home because of an extraordinary event. This applies to persons who apply for a visitor’s permit, specify an extraordinary event as the only ground for their application and state that they intend to travel home as soon as possible. An extraordinary event can, for example, be an ash cloud or a pandemic that means that it is temporarily not possible to travel.