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Important information for applicants applying for Work, Studies and Residence permits from the Philippines

From September 2, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok will be responsible for Work, Studies and Residence permits from applicants in the Philippines

From July 2 applicants from the Philippines who should conduct an interview for a residence permit must contact the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok in advance to book an appointment. 

To avoid travelling to Bangkok more than once applicants from the Philippines who wish to hand in a paper application for residence permit can choose to do so the same day as the interview will be conducted.

Requests for interview is sent to visa.bangkok@gov.se

From September 2 all paper applications for residence and work permits must be handed in at the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok.

Applications for Work, Studies and Residence permits can be submitted at the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok without prior booking.

The Visa section in Bangkok is open Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Friday 8.00-12.00. The reception is closed on Wednesday. For public holidays please check further information on the website.



Questions and answers

Why is this change being made now?

It will result in a more systematic process, with greater legal certainty and efficiency in the management of migration related activities.

What will the change mean?

Procedures will be more streamlined, including potential efficiency gains by involving fewer parties in the process and fewer handovers. The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and missions abroad will have a better overview and will be able to take measures to improve both quality and efficiency.

Have any mistakes been made that have led to this decision?

During the year, the MFA has investigated a number of matters linked to migration related activities at both embassies and honorary consulates. The change is a way of improving internal governance and control.

How will this change affect applicants?

Applicants from the Philippines need to travel to Bangkok for their interview. However, this is also required at present to submit biometric data. Collection of biometric data can now be combined with the interview. The aim is to ensure that applicants only have to make one visit to the mission abroad.

Applicants should be encouraged, as far as possible, to apply for a residence permit electronically on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.