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Required documents

If your visa application is to be considered, you must hand in a number of documents. The documents required differ depending on what type of visit you are planning. Below you may find the required documents for all different visa applications.

Please note that the Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem is not able to keep track of documents before you apply, e.g. invitation letters and employment letters. All documents that you would like to invoke in your application must be submitted in the original by you when you submit your application.

All documents should be in Swedish or in English. Documents written in another language should be translated into Swedish or English. Documents submitted when you apply for a visa will in general not be returned after the Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem has taken its decision. 

All applications must have:

The passport must:
- be valid for at least three months after your departure from the Schengen area
- contain at least two empty pages
- have been issued during the past ten years.

  • Copies of all pages in the passport that are not blank, and copies of previous Schengen visas in expired passports.
  • One photograph with white background in passport format and color, taken straight from the front and no older than six months.
  • A round trip booking.  
  • Proof of accommodation (if it is a visit to relatives and friends it is enough if the referent states that he/she will provide accommodation in the invitation form).
  • Individual medical insurance covering the cost of emergency treatment and transport home for medical reasons. The insurance needs to cover the whole trip and it must state that it covers all of the Schengen Member States. Read more under ‘Medical travel insurance’
  • Enough money to support yourself during your stay. A bank statement in English verifying that funds for the stay are available, it has to show transactions for the last three (3) months. If the person who is inviting you to Sweden will be paying for your support, you must show in the same way that he/she has enough money to do so.
  • Documents that are specifically associated with the type of visit you are planning. Check under the relevant heading in the menu below.
  • If you are under 18 or are accompanied by children – additional documents as described under ‘Minors’ in the menu below.
  • If you are employed or a student you should provide a work/study certificate with the application.

The Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem is entitled to require other documentation than what is stated here if it is necessary in the individual case.