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Opportunities within Swedish industries

The Swedish tradition of innovation and globalisation has long been important for our national growth and development.

Sweden consistently ranks as one of the most competitive, productive and globalized countries in the world. The country is a global leader of innovation with a highly skilled and multinational labour force, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership and a stable economy.

Foreign investors can benefit from Sweden in many ways. One way is to tap into the skills and technologies in our industry clusters and research institutions. Of special note are the cleantech, ICT, life sciences, automotive and materials science industries. These are all areas where Swedish companies excel and compete at the highest international level.

Business Sweden's experts have deep knowledge of these business areas, experience from leading positions and established networks that put us in a unique position to find international business opportunities in a way that few others can. They will gladly assist you with advice, guidance and contacts that help to grow your business on the Swedish market.  

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