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General Schengen Visa Information

If you want to visit Sweden and you are not a citizen of the EU/EEA, you may need a visa. A visa gives you permission to enter and stay in Sweden for a short period of time. It is valid throughout the Schengen area, but you apply to the country that is the main destination for the journey.

You must apply for the whole period initially. When signing your visa application, you undertake to leave the Schengen territory before the expiry of the visa. Therefore, stating that you plan to stay for maximum 90 days then apply to prolong the stay without special reasons, might lead to rejection of future visa application.

Some nationals are required to go through a mandatory prior consultation procedure during the assessment of the visa application. This is to check whether any Member States has any objection for issuing a uniform visa. The procedure takes approximately 9 days to finalize. A comprehensive list of citizens subject to consultation is found in annex 16 to of the Visa Code. Click here for Annex 16.

The Schengen Cooperation

Sweden is member of the Schengen Cooperation. The Schengen Cooperation allows those who have a visa to travel to Sweden also to travel to the other member countries. The countries that form part of the Schengen Cooperation are often referred to as Schengen countries. An entry visa is normally valid in all the Schengen countries. In exceptional cases a visa may be granted solely for entry into the country that issued it. For more information on the Schengen Agreement please click here .

In certain exceptional cases your visa may be valid for entries and stays in Sweden or certain Schengen countries only, if you are registered in SIS (Schengen Information System) or if your passport is not accepted in all Schengen countries.

As a general rule, Sweden should be the main destination of your trip (in terms of length or purpose of stay). If your main destination is any other Member State than Sweden, you should apply for visa at a consulate of the relevant Member State.

Please note: You must keep to the period of stay allowed by your visa. Misuse and overstay may result difficulties obtaining a new visa in the future.

Last updated 21 Jan 2020, 1.02 PM