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Openaid.se is a web-based information service about Swedish aid built on open government data. Please note that this is open data and that we work to improve the data continuously (both quantity and quality). In some cases it is not a complete data set, and should be treated accordingly.

Open aid is the name of the government’s efforts to adapt the Swedish cooperative development to today’s realities, and the opportunities that globalization and technological developments create. The goal is to fight poverty as effectively as possible. To achieve this goal, aid has to be open to public control and ideas from more sources.

In 2010, a transparency guarantee was introduced to Swedish development assistance. The guarantee means that public documentation and information about Swedish aid are actively made available on the Web. The website for this is Openaid.se, a web-based information service about Swedish aid built on open government data.

On this site, the public, aid actors and other stakeholders can follow when, to whom and for what purposes aid funds have been disbursed, and with what results.

Openaid.se shows the available contribution data in as much detail as possible for information purposes. It is not a database or a statistical tool in the traditional sense and should not be treated as such.

Sida, The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency built and maintains Openaid.se in collaboration with the The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (UD). Other agencies and ministries that handle aid funds are also presented on the site.

What information can be found on Openaid.se?

Openaid.se is based on data at the activity level of individual aid contributions. These disbursements are then added to total amounts. The totals shown on the website are therefore a summary of the contribution data that is available electronically.

The data is based on disbursements from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sida and other authorities and ministries that handle aid funds. Only public information is published on this site, meaning that confidential documents and activities are excluded.

The activities often contain a short description as well as details about granting agency, country, implementing organisation, sector, aid type, etc. An increasing number of activities also include documentation such as agreements and reports.The closer to the present on the timeline, the more detailed and complete the data that is available.

  • 2007- Complete contribution data from Swedish aid, with some documentation
  • 2003-2006 Contribution data for disbursed bilateral aid from Sida and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, budget support to multilaterals and some documentation
  • 1998-2002 Contribution data for disbursed bilateral aid from Sida and budget support to multilaterals

In cases where documentation is not available, please send a request to the archival support of the responsible agency.

What documents are public?

To ensure public control of the work by Parliament, the Government and public agencies, the right of public access principle has been included in the constitution, in the Freedom of the Press Act. This public access to official records gives everyone the right to request to see the contents of public documents.

All documents received or sent by the authorities are in principle available to the public. This may include letters, decisions and investigations. Documents received and sent by an authority are therefore registered. What is new about Openaid.se is that documents are actively published and collected, as part of the transparency guarantee.

Limitations of the data

We constantly work to increase the quantity as well as the quality of the data, however, some limitations apply.

The information on Openaid.se is available in its original form from the contribution systems. The site therefore shows the data in the language used in its processing or reporting. Information can thus be found in both Swedish and English.

Parts of the aid information are subject to confidentiality and therefore excluded from publication on Openaid.se. This is because cooperative partners and individuals may be harmed by its publication.

When the totals do not reconcile with the totals that Sweden has reported annually, it is a result of, among other things, variations in statistical reporting, the manner in which bonds have been calculated, as well as the fact that only public data is presented. Incorrect information may also occur. Please help by reporting when this happens.

What do I do if I want more information?

The archives of the Government Offices or Sida have the complete documentation as well as the original documents. You can approach them with questions about information that has not yet been made available on Openaid.se.

Contact: Government Offices archives: registrator@regeringskansliet.se

Contact: Sida’s archival support: sida@sida.se

Do you have any suggestions on how Openaid.se can be developed? E-mail us!

For a glimpse of how aid that is channelled via Swedish organisations is reported – see Sida’s NGO database.

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