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Sweden & Mozambique

Objectives of Sweden´s Development Cooperation Strategy 2022-2026

Activities will contribute to the following objectives:

Activities will contribute to the following objectives.

Environment, climate and sustainable use of natural resources

  • Strengthened conditions for sustainable management and use of natural resources, including protection, conservation and restoration of
    biodiversity and its ecosystem services.
  • Enhanced adaptation and strengthened resilience to climate change and
    environmental and natural disasters.
  • Reduced climate impact, including increased access to renewable energy and higher energy efficiency.

Human rights, democracy, the rule of law and gender equality

  • Strengthened democracy and increased respect for human rights and the rule of law including reduced corruption.
  • Greater gender equality, including access to and respect for sexual and
    reproductive health and rights.

Inclusive economic development

  • Improved opportunities for productive employment and decent work.
  • Strengthened opportunities for productive and resilient agriculture,
    improved livelihood opportunities and food security.
  • Strengthened systems for increased social protection.


Peaceful and inclusive societies

  • Strengthened conditions to prevent and manage crises and conflicts by peaceful means.
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