Sweden & Morocco

Travel insurance

In support of a Schengen visa application, an applicant is required to prove that he/she holds a travel insurance covering possible costs of emergency medical care or emergency hospital costs, and repatriation for medical reason or in the event of death.

The minimum cover is 30,000 euros and the insurance must be valid in all member countries of the Schengen area and for the entire duration of the stay. The insurance document must indicate the dates for which the insurance applies (automatic renewals are not accepted).

When submitting an application, you will have to prove that you have a medical insurance covering the costs of medical care. You must have your insurance policy with you for the duration of the trip so that you can present it on request, particularly during check-in on arrival.

Insurance exemption
Certain professional categories may be exempt from the insurance obligation if they are already insured as part of their work.

Also exempted from the medical insurance requirement are the following categories:
- holders of a diplomatic passport
- visa applicants to transit through an airport
- family members of a citizen in EU/EEA, that is to say:
  - spouse
  - partner
  - cohabitant
  - children under 21 years old
  - adult children dependent on their parents
  - parents dependent on their children domiciled in Sweden.

Last updated 14 Feb 2024, 4.49 PM