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How to appeal a negative visa decision?

A visa decision can be appealed by the applicant, or by another person if the applicant has authorized that person to speak on her behalf (this is done by a written power of attorney).

This is an example of a power of attorney.

An appeal shall be sent to the embassy by post within 21 days after notification of the decision.

The appeal must mention the following points:

  • the case number (to be found on the decision) and name of the applicant and his/her address and phone number
  • which decision the appeal refers to, the reason to why it is seen as incorrect and the desired modification,
  • any additional documents not previously submitted,
  • if another person than the applicant appeals the decision, the power of attorney has to be included in the appeal,
  • signature.

The embassy will examine whether there is a need to modify the decision. If no change is made, the case will be sent to the Administrative Court in Sweden. The Administrative Court is responsible for notifying the applicant of their decision.

Last updated 14 Feb 2024, 4.40 PM