Sweden & Morocco

Documents to be provided by any applicant

For your visa application to be processed, you are required to provide all the documents required by the embassy, ​​according to each category below:

1. Checklist Sweden - tourist and family-friend visa.pdf
2. Checklist Iceland - tourist and family-friend visa.pdf
3. Checklist Sweden - professional trip.pdf
4. Checklist Iceland - professional trip.pdf
5. Checklist Sweden and Iceland - other reasons for traveling.pdf
6. Checklist - Free movement directive.pdf

- Visa applications document to be filled out and signed

- Invitation

Please note that all documents submitted must be in the original version and translated into French or English. If the file is not complete when submitted, it risks being refused.

For more information, please visit the VFS center website.

The Swedish Embassy informs visa applicants and their families in Sweden that the embassy does not respond to letters sent to the embassy for visa applications.

Last updated 14 Feb 2024, 4.59 PM