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For tourists, Sweden is a country rich in opportunities; from the Arctic beauty of the North with its midnight sun, to the castles of the southernmost province Skåne with its more continental flavor.

Visitors to Northern Sweden can experience the frozen thrills of the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, dog sledging, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. Further South, visitors can enjoy the 1,680 miles of coastline with tens of thousands of islands to explore, or a trip back in time on a cruise on the Göta Canal aboard a vintage steamboat.

Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, has been labeled "Beauty on water", but it is also a city for fashion, design and trends. The American magazine Newsweek recently lableled Stockholm

Europe's Internet capital"; a city characterized by "hot IPO's and cool clubs!

Sweden is also a place to experience colorful folkloric festivals such as the Midsummer Celebration (end of June) and sophisticated art events. There are Opera companies in several Swedish cities, and outside Stockholm, 18th Century Opera can be experienced at the Drottningholm Royal Theatre and at the Confidencen Theatre. In the major cities, there are also many important art museums. The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm has one of the greatest collections of American pop art anywhere in the world.

Sweden is also a place to experience a unique kitchen based on fresh produce from the forests and the sea. Sweden brought the world the smorgasbord, the gravlax and meatballs, but the Swedish kitchen has a much broader appeal. Over the last decade, Swedish chefs have been extremely successful internationally. In October, 2000, the Swedish national team of chefs won the Olympic Games in Cooking. Their cuisine can be sampled at restaurants and inns all over the country.

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