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Why Sweden?

International companies are attracted to Sweden for numerous reasons. The country is a global leader of innovation with a highly skilled labor force, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership and a stable economy.


Sweden has an impressive track record as a leading supplier of innovative solutions and products in a wide range of industry sectors on a global scale. The ability to work across disciplines and bridge corporate and academic research environments makes Sweden eminently placed to deliver results. The Swedish culture is open-minded and readily embraces new ideas and technologies. 


In Sweden you get access to the prospering domestic and Scandinavian markets, but also the world’s largest free-trade market – the European Union – with 27 countries and 500 million consumers. Sweden accounts for a major share of both consumers and economic activities in the region. The country is often seen as a frontrunner in adopting new technologies and setting new consumer trends. There are many examples of companies using Sweden as a test market, not least for cleantech products and services.


Sweden has an international business environment that is modern, open and business-friendly. Skilled professionals, smooth business procedures and receptivity to international partnerships make it an easy country to operate in. Information is readily available, open and transparent. To start a company in Sweden is quick and straightforward. Information about the process and necessary forms are readily available online and in English. International companies in Sweden often praise the quality of local advisors and business partners.


Empowerment of personnel and delegation of decision-making ensures a bottom-up, problem-solving approach that shows impressive results with regards to productivity. Sweden has a long track record of very high productivity, even though there are generous labor regulations regarding vacations, parental leave etc.


Sweden is a prime location for centralized market operations in Northern Europe and the preferred choice for regional headquarters and multi-country distribution centers, contact centers and shared service centers. It is the only country that offers 24-hour distribution to all major destinations in the region, with advanced distribution and communication infrastructure from ten logistics hubs.


With an abundance of skilled labor, high female participation in the workforce and a consensus on economic restructuring, Sweden has a good platform for a globalized world. Swedish labor relations are generally co-operative and rarely result in open conflict. Demographics are more favorable than in most European countries. Workforce participation of elderly people is high. Workplace education and training, delegation of authority and inclusion in decision-making helps spur innovation and growth.


Sweden’s science infrastructure is world-class. High investment in higher education and basic research has propelled Sweden to a prime position among European economies in terms of university enrollment, workforce skills and R&D. Synergies generated by the close connection between Swedish universities, research institutes and the private sector further leverage the R&D output. R&D conducted by multinationals in Sweden exceeds the volume of publicly-financed R&D three-fold.


Sweden hosts an excellent infrastructure. It matches or outperforms that of any other European country. Extensive public investment ensures a nationwide network of roads, railroads, waterways, harbors and airports. The challenging exposure to hot summers as well as arctic winters have contributed to high quality and reliability in building and construction, transportation and communications, and also to the competitiveness of Swedish companies in the international market for infrastructure projects.


Sweden is one of the most competitive locations for corporate taxation in Europe. This is confirmed in comparative surveys and in analysis by international tax consultants. Besides offering an attractive package, Sweden’s corporate tax system is transparent and enables easy access to information. The national tax authority is efficient and service-minded. A number of on-line services save the investor time and money. 


Living and working in Sweden means being part of a well-functioning society in a dynamic environment. The quality of housing, education and health care is excellent. Sweden offers good scope for balancing a career with family life, and work with leisure.  Sweden has long been distinguished for its environmental work and for pioneering reductions of air and water pollution. In most parts of the country there is plenty of free space and easy access to outdoor activities.

Source: Business Sweden.

Last updated 31 Jan 2018, 3.44 PM