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Sweden is already one of the world’s most creative nations, with world-class companies, products and services in areas such as fashion, music, design and film.

Most of these businesses are small, but many have the potential to grow internationally. Creative industries are a key economic sector for Sweden and enjoy strong growth prospects. The transition from an information society to a knowledge economy means that experience-based industries are becoming more important.                  

About ten years ago, people started talking about the Swedish ‘fashion wonder’. Opinions differ as to what this actually means. Is it a reference to Acne’s fairytale success, to the huge quantities of clothing that H&M sells worldwide, or to artistic, avant-garde fashion?

Some people argue that there have in fact been several Swedish fashion wonders, although the generic term refers to the rapid development of Swedish fashion as a whole.

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The Swedish fashion wonder

Sweden is seen internationally as embodying all that is best about Scandinavian design. This style – often referred to as minimalist – developed during the Second World War, with clean, simple lines and a strong emphasis on functionality.

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Swedish design - functional and stylish

Music, one of Sweden’s many important cultural and creative industries, is a huge export market. The numbers indicate that Sweden is the world’s most successful exporter of chart music in relation to GDP? From ABBA to Swedish House Mafia and Robyn, via Roxette and The Cardigans, there always seems to be at least one Swedish act at the top. Especially striking are Swedish achievements in the most commercial types of pop music, where not only performers but perhaps above all Swedish songwriters and producers have won worldwide reputations.

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8 reasons why Sweden rocks

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