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Materials and Manufacturing

Sweden offers great opportunities for cost efficient and high qualitative advanced manufacturing operations for an international market. The country has a highly competitive and international manufacturing industry that has remained competitive due to constant adoption of new technologies, innovation and enhancement in productivity & production technology.

Some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies started in Sweden and are today global brands such as ABB, Volvo, AstraZeneca, Scania and Atlas Copco. These companies have a very large manufacturing presence in Sweden and are today accompanied by a large number of foreign companies with manufacturing operations in Sweden, including for example General Electric, BAE Systems, Wipro, Bharat Forge, Bombardier, Pfizer, Komatsu and Akzo Nobel.

Sweden is in the world top in R&D spending and 75 percent of the business R&D expenditure in Sweden is within manufacturing. The largest R&D sectors within manufacturing are ICT equipment, transport equipment and chemicals and minerals. As R&D and manufacturing is becoming increasingly integrated, the strong R&D environment in Sweden combined with solid conditions for manufacturing operations is an advantage. - See more at Business Sweden

Last updated 31 Jan 2018, 3.38 PM