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Sweden is northern Europe’s largest and most dynamic life science regions with world class companies, internationally acclaimed science and a proud track record of investments in the innovations of tomorrow. The country offers exciting business opportunities in an environment dedicated to medical innovation, drug discovery and pharmaceutical commercialisation.

Sweden’s success rests on an unswerving commitment to excellence in R&D and drug discovery. Per capita spending on life science is one of the highest in Europe. Swedish universities possess world class expertise in areas ranging from cancer and diabetes research to medical devices and stem cell therapies.

Sweden is renowned for high quality clinical trials, biobanks and registers including the world’s largest twin register. Also, studies of how genetic and environmental factors affect health can probably be conducted more accurately than anywhere else thanks to an extensive network of national databanks.

A unique model of close collaboration between industry, academia and clinical practitioners has fostered the growth of world leading pharmaceutical companies like Astra, now a part of AstraZeneca, and Pharmacia, now a part of Pfizer.

The Swedish life science sector has great potential for investors and partners across multiple areas. Read more at:

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