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Sweden is the biggest market place in the Nordics and the natural location for the majority of international ICT companies targeted at the Nordic and Baltic markets.

The consumer market in Sweden is growing as well as the economy, with an early adoption of new tech and one of the world’s highest disposable incomes. There is also a steady growing Nordic population of close to 25 million.

IT investments are growing in all Swedish industry sectors, including Manufacturing, Finance and Government. There is a large corporate customer base as the Nordics have more companies in the Forbes 2000 than Germany.

Sweden is a place for the world’s best ICT companies to develop and find innovation. Intel, Google, Apple, Huawei, Arm, Microsoft, TechMahindra, Motorola, Oracle, Sun, Sony, Samsung, EA, Facebook, Nokia and Mediatek all have R&D centers in Sweden. Many of them based on acquisitions of small, innovative tech companies and others started on the back of their Nordic sales organisations.

International venture capital firms are investing in Swedish tech startups. Stockholm is the city with the largest number of billion dollar startups in Europe. Some of the world’s most successful tech companies were born in Sweden – Spotify, Skype, Mojang, AXIS, Truecaller, QlikTech, MySQL, Unibet, King.com, Tobii, iZettle and Klarna.

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Last updated 31 Jan 2018, 3.37 PM