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Foreign interest in Swedish food is growing steadily, in no small measure thanks to the successes of Swedish chefs in prestigious international competitions. Business Sweden primarily help small and mid-sized food companies to gain a presence in the global market.

Every year our Food From Sweden organisation arranges activities to assist Swedish enterprises in extending their reach abroad. Initiatives include purchasing tie-ups, matchmaking, in-store tests, fact-finding visits and attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions. Our focus markets are Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Poland, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We also host activities in Sweden to inspire and facilitate exports. Our services here include skills development seminars, market research, export advisory services and briefings on retail trends and labeling and regulatory requirements. Food processing is a growing export sector and Sweden will continue to invest heavily in this area through ventures like Sweden – The New Culinary Nation (a Ministry for Rural Affairs initiative) and Try Swedish, an international marketing drive to raise awareness of Swedish food and encourage food-lovers worldwide to discover Sweden’s culinary culture and lifestyle.
Last updated 31 Jan 2018, 3.39 PM