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Economic relations between Sweden and Israel are in a positive stage of development and we see a clear increase in the numbers of business-related visits and inquires.
The Swedish Government actively promotes such contacts. Lately Israel has received several delegations from Sweden with businessmen and senior officials to develop co-operation in a wide range of fields, including hi-tech, IT, telecommunications, biotech, environmental technology, infrastructure and consumer goods.
We want to develop trade – in both directions – as well as co-operation between Swedish and Israeli business in product development and research. We want not only to encourage Swedish business to discover new opportunities in Israeli, but also to invite Israeli business to Sweden. Sweden's economy is highly competitive, internationalized and known for innovation, creativity and design. Our economy is open. It is the obvious gateway to the wider Baltic region and Northern Europe. Israeli businessmen will in Sweden find an exciting and rapidly advancing market, with strong political, economical and legal stability, transparent regulations and a very welcoming approach to international partners.
The Commercial Department at the Embassy of Sweden in Tel Aviv The Commercial Department at the Embassy assists local companies with information regarding the Swedish industry. The department also assists Swedish export companies with information on the Israeli market. Certain in-depth studies and assignments may be carried out against an hourly rate.
Inquiries should be sent to:
Commercial Department Embassy of Sweden, Tel Aviv E-mail: ambassaden.tel-aviv@gov.se Fax: +972-(0)3-609 47 38
Embassy of Israel, Stockholm As part of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and in close association with the Israel Export Institute, the Commercial Departments can offer a variety of free services to companies and individuals wishing to trade between Israel and the Nordic countries.
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