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If you will be studying in Sweden for more than three months and you are not an EU citizen, you need a residence permit. If you will be studying for less than three months, you may need a visa instead.

List of countries whose citizens need a visa

The quickest and easiest way of applying for a residence permit to study at universities and colleges in Sweden is to apply online. Online applications go directly to the Swedish Migration Board and are given priority. If you are applying online and do not need a visa to enter Sweden, you do not usually have to visit the Embassy. Regardless of how you apply, your permit must have been granted before you leave for Sweden.

Apply for a residence permit to study online 

Processing time

New Rules for passport check

The Swedish Migration Agency introduces new rules for better passport checks for residence permit applicants.

From 1 November 2022, applicants for a residence permit must show their passport at an in-person visit before the Swedish Migration Agency can grant a permit. The Migration Agency will contact affected applicants to schedule an appointmane with the Embassy for passport and identity control.

Read more about the new rules for stricter passport checks - Swedish Migration Agency (migrationsverket.se)

Family members

A family member (e.g. husband/wife and unmarried children under 18) may be granted a residence permit for the same period as the student, on condition that they meet the requirements specified. Family members who are granted a residence permit need a residence permit card.

Read more about residence permits for family members on the Swedish Migration Agency's website.

Residence permit card

If you are granted a residence permit, you will receive a residence permit card. The card proves that you have a residence permit.

It may take up to four weeks to process your residence permit card after your application has been granted. It is NOT recommended for you to purchase any tickets before collecting your residence permit card.

You can find more information about the residence permit card on the website of the Swedish Migration Agency.

Rules and required documents

In general, to acquire a residence permit to study in Sweden, you must have been admitted to a fulltime course of study, you must have the means to support yourself and you must have a passport. You must arrange for your residence permit before leaving for Sweden.

The university or college may require a fee for the studies, of which a part must be paid in advance. Contact the university or college concerned for further information.

If you are interested in studying at university/college level in Sweden, you can find a full range of information on the Study in Sweden website. All the most important information on higher education in Sweden can be found on the Study in Sweden website.

The Swedish Migration Agencyhandles and decides in applications for residence permit in Sweden and the Embassy cannot influence the decision. If you have questions regarding students permit, you can contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

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