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Checklists and forms

Application forms must be completed in English or Swedish. Documents that are not in English or Swedish are to be submitted together with a translation to English or Swedish by an authorized translator.

All applicants are responsible of providing the documents in the relevant checklist, if an application is incomplete then the Embassy will decide based on the existing documents. 

The Embassy will only accept documents in A4 size paper. All applicants are also free to submit any additional documents of their choice to support the application.


Business & Conference Visa Checklist

Visiting Family & Friends Visa Checklist

Tourist Visa Checklist

Tourist Visa Checklist (groups)

Medical Visa Checklist

Cultural, Sport, Religious events, and Film crews Visa Checklist

Seaman Visa Checklist

Study Visa Checklist


Schengen Visa Application form (English)

Schengen Visa Application form (Swedish)

Invitation form (English)

Invitation form (Swedish)

Consent Letter for Minors

Power of Attorney


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