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Fees Ethiopia

Your will need to pay an application fee if you want to apply for a work permit. The fee will not be refunded if your application is refused.

Paying online

When you apply online, you pay the fee with a credit card in connection with the application. The same applies if you are applying to extend your permit. The card must be enabled for Internet payment. Contact your bank for more information.

Paying at the Embassy

If you are applying at the Embassy, you pay to the Embassy’s bank account at Zemen bank.


Application fee for residence and work permit

  • Adult that are applying as an employee – 12340 ETB (2200 SEK)
  • Adult applying to accompanying a worker – 8410 ETB (1500 SEK)
  • Minor applying to accompanying a worker – 4200 ETB (750 SEK)
  • Artists applying for work permit – 8410 ETB (1500 SEK)


Last updated 28 Dec 2022, 4.03 PM