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Working in Sweden

If you want to work in Sweden, you must have an offer of employment from an employer in Sweden. You must have a work permit in order to work in Sweden.


Warning of fraudulent behavior 

A case has been reported of people being contacted by a person, claiming to work for the Embassy of Sweden in Addis Abeba, offering to facilitate a work position in Sweden as well as an appointment to apply for work permit in Sweden in return for a fee. This is a fraudulent act and the person is not working for the Embassy of Sweden.

The Embassy of Sweden does not facilitate any work positions in Sweden. There is no fee or cost to make an appointment at the Embassy of Sweden in Addis Abeba.  

Applying online

The easiest way to apply is to apply online at the Migration Agency’s website. Please note that it is the employer in Sweden initiates the work permit application by completing an offer of employment on the Migration Agency's website. Your employer needs information about your name, date of birth, citizenship, education and your email address.

When your employer has complete an offer of employment you will receive an email with information about how to apply for a work permit.

In the application you provide information about yourself. If your family is coming with you to Sweden you apply for permits for them at the same time. You should also check that the information about your employment terms in the offer of employment corresponds with what you and your employer have agreed on.

It is important that you have access to the email address you give your employer until you have received a decision regarding your application. The Swedish Migration Agency will use this email address to communicate with you throughout the application period.


Applying at the Embassy

If you are unable to apply online you can book an appointment by e-mailing the Embassy (ambassaden.addis-abeba-visum@gov.se). 

Required documents when applying at the Embassy

  • Application for Swedish work permit completed, signed and dated, and including detailed contact information.
  • National passport or other travel document.
  • 2 passport photos, in colour, taken from the front with the face depicted at a straight angle. 
  • Written Offer of Employment in Sweden, completed by employer. Your employer must then send the form to you so that you can enclose it with your application.
  • Application fee


Your employer must

  • guarantee pay, insurance coverage and other terms of employment equal to at least the collective agreement or Swedish practice in the profession or the branch of trade.
  • have advertised the job vacancy in Sweden and the EU
  • have given the relevant union an opportunity to state an opinion on the terms of the offer of employment.

You and the employer are responsible for showing the Migration Agency that the requirements above have been met. You do this by completing the application form for employees and the employer completes the Offer of Employment form.


You do not need to apply for a work permit if you

  • have a permanent residence permit.
  • have a residence permit to attend a college or university.
  • have a special residence permit to work as a visiting researcher.
  • are an asylum seeker and have an AT-UND (exemption from the obligation to hold a work permit).
  • are a citizen of an EU country.