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Visit for longer than 90 days Ethiopia

If you wish to visit Sweden for more than 90 days, you need to apply for residence permit for a visit or, if you have special grounds, for a "D-visa" (national visa). To apply you need to book an appointment with the Embassy. In order to make a booking send an e-mail to ambassaden.addis-abeba-visum@gov.se

Applications for residence permit due to a visit are forwarded to the Migration Agency who are responsible for taking the decisions.

Documents required

  • The form Application for a visitor’s permit (form number 165011 in English and form number 166011 in Swedish).

  • A copy of the first page in your passport, and of any extensions and/or name changes in the passport.

  • A copy of your ticket for the return journey. 

  • Documents showing that you can to provide for yourself for the duration of your stay in Sweden.

  • If you are under 18 or are accompanied by children – the form Application for a visitor’s permit for a child (form number 167011 in English and 166011 in Swedish). Note that additional documents are required for applicants under the age of 18 such as e.g. birth certificate, consent from parents if not both guardians are travelling with the child, court decision or death certificate if one parent has sole custody.

  • Application fee - 7090 ETB (1500 SEK)

The person you will be visiting in Sweden needs to give you:

  • The form Invitation – If you wish to invite a relative or friend to visit you (form 249011 in English or form 248011 in Swedish), in the original.
  • Civic registration/family certificate (personbevis) for the purpose of the invitation.
  • A copy of the inviters passport, ID or similar documents proving identity.
  • If the person in Sweden are covering the cost for the stay he or she shall also give you documents that show that he/she has adequate means of support during the intended stay in Sweden.


Application for a D-visa


Required documents

  • The form National visa (D-visa) (available in English only).
  • Fee (3330 ETB)
  • A valid passport



All forms can be found on the Migration Agency's website

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