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Basic Facts

If it is not possible for you to obtain a valid passport, you can apply for an alien's passport or provisional alien passport. An application for alien passport and provisional alien passport is handed in at the Embassy. In order to apply you need to make a booking by sending an e-mail to ambassaden.addis-abeba-visum@gov.se

You need to book an appointment for each person that wishes to apply for an alien’s passport, and each person must hand in his/her own application form.  

It is the Migration Agency that takes decision for both alien passport and provisional passport. The Migration Agency will not issue an alien’s passport if you have another document that serves as a passport, and that is a valid travel document. The Migration Agency does not issue alien’s passports to people while they are in their home country.

Documents required

For adults: Application for alien's passport (form number 191011) or Application for emergency alien's passport (form number 193011).

For minors: Children under 18 may not fill out an application for an alien's passport. The child's legal guardian or custodian must personally apply for an alien's passport on behalf of the child. The appliction form for children is the same as for adults but there is an additional form for minors. If there are two parents or guardians, both must approve the application by handing Consent for the Swedish Migration Agency to issue an alien's passport for a child under the age of 18 (form number 247011), along with the child’s application form.


The fee is 3810 ETB (750 SEK) for each person that applies. The
application fee for a provisional alien passport is 2540 ETB (500 SEK) for each applicant. The fee should be done before the appointment to the Embassy's account at Zemen bank. There is a bank located on the Embassy's premises. More information about payment is sent by e-mail when you book an appointment. 

Processing time

At the Swedish Migration Agency’s website, you can find out roughly how long the processing time currently is. The decision can take longer if the case officer needs to contact you for more information.

After a decision

An alien passport is issued in Sweden and it can take up to four weeks for it to arrive at the Embassy. The Embassy contacts you when the passport has arrived and you are given an appointment to collect the passport. If you have applied for a provisional passport the passport is printed at the Embassy after the Migration Agency has taken a decision. You need to come and collect your passport in person. 

Travelling with an alien's passport

An alien's passport fulfils EU passport requirements for travelling to all countries. You may need a visa to travel to some countries. Please contact the appropriate country's embassy to obtain more information before you travel.

If you were unable to prove your identity, your alien's passport will state that your identity is unproven, which could make it more difficult to travel to certain countries.

Passport validity

An alien's passport is normally valid five years and cannot be extended. 

A provisional alien passport is only valid for one journey and a limited time. 

If you need an alien's passport when the validity period has expired you can apply for a new one at the Migration Agency or the Embassy. When you wish to apply for a new alien's passport you will need to have your photo and fingerprints taken again, as your photo and your fingerprints are not saved at the Migration Agency, but only in a computer microchip in your alien’s passport.

If you lose your passport

If you lose your alien’s passport or if it is stolen, you should first report this to the police. If you need a new alien’s passport, you must submit a new application. When you apply for a new alien’s passport or provisional alien passport, please bring a copy of the police report that you have received at the post office or the police station.

If your application is rejected

You can only appeal the Migration Agency's decision if your applications for an alien's passport and residence permit were rejected simultaneously.

If you wish to appeal, you need to write a letter stating which decision you wish the agency to change and why you consider the decision to be wrong. The letter should include your personal details and your case number, and the letter needs to be signed by you personally.

Make sure that the Migration Agency receives your notice of appeal no later than three weeks after you were notified of the decision. If you wish someone else to appeal on your behald you need to give the person a written power of attorney. 

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