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Medical travel insurance

Visa applicants are required to have medical travel insurance. It must cover any costs that may be incurred in connection with emergency medical aid, urgent hospital treatment or transport to the country of origin for medical reasons or in the event of death. The insurance has to cover the intended period of stay in the Schengen area according to article 15 and article 24, Schengen visa Code 810/2009.

The insurance is to cover costs totaling at least EUR 30 000 and be valid in all Schengen countries. The insurance has to cover the intended period of your stay in the Schengen area, according to article 15 and article 24, Schengen visa Code 810/2009. The mentioned requirements should clearly be stated in the insurance documents presented to the Embassy when submitting your application.

First of all you are obliged to arrange an insurance in Bangladesh. Under "Accepted providers", there is a list of companies that offer insurance, approved by the local Schengen cooperation. Exemptions are although granted for some well-known insurance companies situated in the Schengen area, the Embassy retain the right to decide. You also have to show that the insurance is paid and valid.

When applying, you must be able to provide proof that you have medical travel insurance and your name should be mentioned in the insurance even if it is a group insurance. You should also take your insurance certificate with you during the trip since you may need to show it, e.g. at an entry checkpoint.

Failure to fulfill the mentioned requirements above will automatically result in dismissal.  


Exempted from the medical insurance requirement are those who:

Travel with a diplomatic passport

Travel with an official passport with a Note Verbal

Apply for an airport transit visa

 Are relatives of an EU citizen (other than Swedish), i.e. his/her
– husband or wife
– registered partner
– common law spouse
– children under 21 years of age
– older children who are financially dependent on their parents living in the Schengen area.
– parents who are financially dependent on their children living in the Schengen area. 

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