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Welcome to Sweden Abroad. It's the official website of the Swedish embassies and consulates and includes all the websites of Sweden's mission abroad.

How to apply

You can submit your application via VFS. If you do this you do not need to make any appointment. You can just visit VFS. Global along with properly filled up application including the required documents and submit your application over there. If you want to submit your application directly to the embassy, you have to make an appointment with the Embassy and you need to contact us through the embassy e-mail which is . Then you will get the instruction and the appointment date from the embassy to submit your application directly.

Applying at VFS.Global

1. Prepare the documentation Check which documents and personal information you need. You must for instance have arranged for a passport and medical travel insurance and have booked an air ticket (although we advise you to delay payment for your ticket until your visa has been granted), and you must also have an invitation from the person/company you will be visiting.

Read more under "Required documents".

How to apply

2. Visit VFS.Global Along with your application you should submit all the requried documents and pay the fee.

Read more under "Fees"

You will also need to take a photograph and leave your fingerprints. Applicants under age of 12 are exempted for fingerprints.

3. Collection at VFS.Global When VFS receives your decision from the Embassy you will get a phonecall or a SMS saying that your decision and passport are ready to be collected. According to the Schengen visa codex a normal visa application should be processed within 15 calendar days, however in special cases the process time can be 30 calendar days or longer.

Address to VFS.Global:

VFS.GLOBAL Sweden Visa Application Centre, Delta Life Tower, Plot 37, Road


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