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Sweden & Albania

Cooperation partners

Sweden's implementation partners include multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and the UN via "OneUN". Swedish authorities are Statistics Sweden (SCB), the Police, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Swedish Courts Administration, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Arts Council. A new collaboration is planned together with MSB. The Swedish co-operation organizations in civil society are Civil Rights Defenders, Olof Palme's International Center, We Effect and Save the Children. The Albanian organizations and networks include Connecting Natural Values ​​and People (CNVP), AWEN (Albanian Women Empowerment Network), CHwB (Cultural Heritage without Borders) and Open Data Albania. In addition, Sweden has a collaboration in innovation with the EU and German GIZ through a so-called EU delegation.

Several of the bilateral programs are carried out in cooperation with Albanian authorities: INSTAT (Albanian Central Bureau of Statistics), Albanian State Police, Albanian prosecution authority, courts, prison and probation services, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ministry of Tourism & Environment, the Water Resources Management Agency, the Agency of Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment and Solid Waste, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Prime Minister's Office.

The regional efforts in Albania and the region include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with the Women in Business program, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) with the Quality Infrastructure initiative, the European Roma Rights Center (ERRC), the Roma Education Fund (REF) , Spatial Data Infrastructure in collaboration with Lantmäteriet, Regional Statistics Western Balkans with Statistics Sweden, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

The Sida-funded ITP (International Training Program) also covers Albania. The police and Kvinna till Kvinna started a regional ITP program in 2018 with a focus on gender-based violence, this program continues and is aimed at representatives from authorities and non-governmental organizations in Albania.

In addition to Sida, the Swedish Institute (SI) also has initiatives in Albania within the framework of the strategy. SI funds, among other things, Albanian master's and researchers' studies at Swedish colleges and universities as well as a number of media and cultural projects with the aim of strengthening freedom of expression and democracy. SI also finances visits to Sweden for Albanian journalists and opinion leaders with a focus on e.g. freedom of expression, equality and transparency.

Sweden is active in donor coordination with a focus on the work in the so-called Donor Technical Secretariat and in relevant IPMG groups (Integrated Policy Management Groups). Within IPMG's thematic group in the field of water resources, Sweden and ADA (the Austrian development agency) have shared donor responsibilities and have initiated an in-depth discussion with the aim of strengthening the water resources agency AMBU's leadership in the sector and strengthening the dialogue with donors in IPMG.

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