Voting Abroad

The Swedish Election for the European Parliament will be held on May 26, 2019. As always, when voting from abroad you must cast your vote in advance (förtidsrösta). It is not possible to vote on Election Day outside of Sweden.

While abroad, you can vote by postal mail (no earlier than April 11) or you may choose to vote in person at different voting locations throughout the U.S.  (In New York you can also vote during already booked passport or reception appointment.) You can read more about voting eligibility furher down.

> Click here for dates and hours when you can vote at the different voting locations in the U.S.

Material for voting by mail, including voting cards, is automatically sent to all Swedish voters abroad. NOTE! You may not vote by mail any earlier than April 11! The Election Authority uses the information in the Electoral Register (röstlängden), which is your address as it is listed with the Tax Agency (folkbokföringen), so it is important to keep your address up to date. You can easily update your address by completing a form from the Tax Agency’s website and sending it to the address listed on the form. The Electoral register is established 30 days prior to Election Day.

> Notification form: “Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad” 

You can also request material for voting by mail directly from the Election Authority or from your municipality, or by sending an email to any consulate/embassy in the U.S. Please be sure to include your complete postal mailing address! The Church of Sweden in New York will also have material for voting by mail.

Eligibility to Vote in the Election for the European Parliament

>To be eligible to vote, you must turn 18 no later than on Election Day (May 26, 2019).  

>Swedish citizens are eligible to vote if they are, or previously were, registered as  residing in Sweden (folkbokförd). Swedish citizens who reside in another EU member state may choose to vote in that country instead by adding their name to that country's Electoral Register. You name will then be taken off the Swedish Electoral Register.

>Citizens of other EU member states may vote in the Swedish Election for the European Parliament if they no later than April 26, 2019, are registered as Swedish residents in the population registry (folkbokförda) and have requested to be part of the Electoral Register.

 The Electoral Register

Swedes residing abroad remain in the Electoral Register (röstlängden) for ten years after their emigration is recorded in the Tax Agency’s population register (folkbokföringen).

After ten years, a notification form (“Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad”)  must be submitted to the Tax Agency to remain in the Electoral Register for an additional ten years. The form must be received by the Tax Agency no later than 30 days prior to Election Day.

Even if a notification is not made 30 days prior to Election Day, Swedish voters abroad may still vote in the election – by mail or in person. A vote from abroad counts as long as it is received by the Election Authority no later than the day before Election Day. Voting in an election is considered a request to remain in the electoral register for the following ten years.

> Read more on the Election Authority’s website

Do I need a voting card to vote? - No, you can vote without a voting card, both by mail and in person as long as you meet the eligibility requirements above. You can order material to vote by postal mail from the  Election Authority, from your municipality, or from any consulate/embassy in the U.S.

I'm not sure I'm in the Electoral Register (röstlängden), can I still vote? - Yes you can - as long as you meet the eligibility requirements above. And your vote counts as a reregistration for another 10 years.