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Voting in Swedish Elections while abroad

If you reside abroad and are eligible to vote in Swedish elections you can vote early (förtidsröstning) either by postal mail or in person at Swedish embassies and consulates.

On June 9, 2024, the Election for the European Parliament will be held, and as always you will be able to vote early (förtidsrösta) at different locations throughout the US. Details regarding dates and times will be published here closer in time to the Election.

Please keep in mind that you cannot vote on Election Day while abroad. Only early voting (förtidsröstning) is possbile outside of Sweden.

The Electoral Register

Swedes residing abroad, as well as non-Swedes who are eligible to vote in Swedish elections, remain in the Electoral Register (röstlängden) for ten years after their emigration is recorded in the Tax Agency’s population register (folkbokföringen).

After ten years, a notification form must be submitted to the Tax Agency to remain in the Electoral Register for an additional ten years. The form must be received by the Tax Agency no later than 30 days prior to Election Day.
> Notification form: “Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad”

Even if a notification is not made 30 days prior to Election Day, Swedish voters abroad may still vote in the election – by mail or in person. A vote from abroad counts as long as it is received by the Election Authority no later than the day before Election Day. Voting in an election is considered a request to remain in the electoral register for the following ten years.

> Read more on the Election Authority’s website

Do I need a voting card to vote? - No, you can vote without a voting card, both by mail and in person.

I'm not sure I'm in the Electoral Register (röstlängden), can I still vote? - Yes you can - as long as you meet the eligibility requirements above. And your vote counts as a reregistration for another 10 years.