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Driver License

As of May 1, 2017, it is no longer possible to renew your Swedish driver license if you are residing abroad and have deregistered from the Population Register (utskriven). Instead, the local regulations regarding driver licenses apply – contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles for information if you are residing in the U.S.

The new regulations mean that a new driver license card cannot be issued but your authorization to drive still remains with the Swedish Transport Agency. During a temporary visit in Sweden, you can still drive on a U.S. driver license or a valid Swedish ID.

Upon moving back to Sweden, you can apply for a new driver license card without having to take any tests again. Any limitation in validity is stated on the back of the driver license. 

If you are only temporarily residing in the U.S. and are still registered with the Population Registry (folkbokförd), you can apply for a new license and collect it at any consulate/embassy.

Please contact the nearest consulate/embassy via email to request an application form. Contact information is available below. Be sure to include your regular postal mailing address! The applicaton form is not available for downloading.

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> Find out more about how to renew your driver license on the Swedish Transport Agency website.


Last updated 31 Aug 2022, 10.44 AM